Education Program

Our education program is a simple one.  We will equip our Advocate Corps with the tools necessary to have one on one conversations with individuals from all walks of life to assist with any questions regarding HIV myths and/or concerns.  We will align ourselves with local health service organizations and national information databases to insure our Advocates are always up to date on the latest trends concerning HIV. 

Our goals is not to change a person’s sexual engagement preferences, but to educate on the risks and the options available to protect the health of both people with and without HIV. 

Stigma can only be eliminated through Friendly education which happens one conversation at a time.


Charitable Program

We will host fundraising events and sell products which help fight HIV Stigma in Friendly ways.  We are not in this fight alone and look forward to working with the other fundraising groups and venues in our region. 

Team Friendly DF​W