Team Friendly DF​W

Welcome to Team Friendly Bayou City an extension of Team Friendly DFW in the Houston, Texas Area.

Founded 4/11/2017

Team Friendly Bayou City (TFBC) is a member of the Team Friendly Network, which is an extension of the Mr. Friendly campaign. Mr. Friendly is designed to be the New Face of HIV Awareness. This grassroots movement, started in 2008, focuses on “Reducing the Stigma of HIV through Conversation, Education and HIV Testing Partnerships.”

TFBC is currently being mentored by Team Friendly DFW. We are currently registered as a Texas Non-Profit Corporation and are working diligently to achieve our IRS 501(c)3 status.

TFBC is championing the mission of Reducing the Stigma of HIV in the greater Houston area through one-on-one conversations and interactive activities designed to recalibrate the community on HIV-Friendly conversations. We firmly believe that conversations lead to educational opportunities which directly result in more testing for HIV and increased quality of life for people living with HIV. All of these things collectively reduce HIV stigma and contribute to the decrease of HIV in our community.