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Welcome to the Resource Page

Here you will be able to find local resources for additional education, testing and healthcare as well as national organizations for statistical data and research.

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National Resources

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The 2015 HIV Services Handbook has been designed to help HIV patients find services and organizations in Dallas County and surrounding areas.

This 17th edition of the handbook has a more useful design for patients. The 2015 Handbook lists services alphabetically, followed by names of agencies providing those services and the page number where you can find information about that agency.

Agencies that provide services in other areas of Texas and surrounding counties have been included if the agencies gave information for publication.

A full Spanish Version of the 2015 Handbook can be found here. your paragraph here.

Resource Center is the primary lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and HIV/AIDS service organizations in North Texas. The Center offers many LGBT services to the community and operates one of the largest LGBT Community Centers in the United States. The Community Center is home to a variety of community organizations and serves over 60,000 people each year through its programs and services.

Through its health and medical services, the Center is a leader in HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and services, always putting itself at the forefront in the battle against this epidemic. In addition, the Center provides a full spectrum of STD prevention education, screenings and treatments.

A staff of more than 50 part and full-time staff members are supported by over 1,100 volunteers. The Center’s three additional locations are the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic, Nutrition Center and United Black Ellument (UBE). The Center is governed by a board of directors and operates throughfunds from individual donors, special events, private foundations, corporations and government grants. The Center is open 354 days a year.

Healing Wings HIV/AIDS Center

At the Healing Wings Outpatient Center, our goal is to provide high quality HIV/AIDS care to our patients in a calm, comfortable and welcoming environment. We strive to make sure you have the medical and emotional support you need in our newly renovated, state-of-the-art outpatient center, located just north of John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

JPS Professional Office Complex
1350 S. Main Street, Suite 1600
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

To schedule an appointment, please call 817-702-3701.
To contact our Healing Wings eligibility representative, please call 817-702-1399.Type your paragraph here.

AOC began in 1986 in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic among gay males as an all-volunteer organization in order to provide support to those dying from the disease. In just two years, the demand for services from AOC resulted in the hiring of its first two paid staff members and support quickly grew. Today, AOC has more than 30 staff members dedicated to providing 10 services aimed at preventing the spread of HIV, bringing those newly diagnosed into treatment, and improving the lives of those infected or affected by HIV.

AOC provides support services to more than 1,600 individuals and their families across all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, and sexual identities. AOC is currently the only non-profit organization that offers a continuum of support services to the HIV/AIDS community in Tarrant County and seven surrounding rural counties.