TFDFW Advocate Corps

Thank you for your interest in joining the TFDFW Advocate Corps.  Our Advocates are passionate volunteers who believe in the Friendly approach to breaking down the walls of Stigma through conversation and information.
As an Advocate you will attend regularly scheduled Advocate Training and Planning sessions where you will graduate through our ranking system of Friendly Education.  Our trainings are broken in to modules that allow for growth of knowledge to effectively communicate the most up to date information regarding HIV trends.  By aligning ourselves with local health services organization and utilizing national databases, we strive to dispel inaccuracies and myths regarding HIV.  This is our approach to one day eliminating Stigma of HIV in our region.
You will also be able to participate in TFDFW organized informational booths as we reach those who are seeking information.  Ultimately you will reach a rank allowing you to create and facilitate Friendly events of your own.

Check out our Events Page to see when our next Advocate Training Session is scheduled.

Team Friendly DF​W